Changjiang multi-sectoral linkage market insurance supply guards the people "vegetable basket"

Affected by typhoon, the transaction volume of vegetables and pork agricultural and sideline products in Changjiang Li Autonomous County increased significantly. In order to guard the "vegetable basket", Changjiang multi-sectoral linkage, fully use the emergency insurance of life necessities such as agricultural and sideline products and vegetables to meet the needs of mass life.

At present, there are sufficient vegetables in the county 爱上海女生自荐区 and the major supermarkets, and the farmer’s market, the variety, the variety, and the price is stable. In the early morning of the 11th, the reporter saw in the Shanzhu Digogou road section of Shihi Town. The county parity vegetable guarantee for Huimin Action Traffic Support Group Organization County Transportation Bureau, County Transportation Service Center, County 上海千花阁 Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau, County Public Security Bureau Traffic Management Brigade Waiting for the joint law enforcement, escorting the "vegetable basket" transportation vehicle.

"In the prosperous road section of Changjiang, traffic guidance is carried out to transport melon vegetables, ensuring the smooth arrival of the county town." Li Qingquan, deputy director of the County Transportation Service Center, said. The person in charge of Changjiang Cuisine Basket Development Co., Ltd. told reporters that during the influence of Typhoon "Lion Mountain", the company increased the price of resilience, from Haikou Jiangnan wholesale market purchased 26-ton vegetables, guaranteed supermarket, parity area, franchisees, etc. Delivery, prices are sold in accordance with the 上海休闲油压会所 initial price, follow-up will continue to replenishment.

"Make sure Changjiang has enough vegetable source supply in typhoon weather, so that the public eats cheap vegetables." Li Yongjie, chairman of Changjiang Basket Development Co., Ltd. said.