Anhui Medical Colleges and Universities Enhanced to Bachelor? Official response

Anqing Net News Recently, some netizens have issued the title "Can Anhui Health Committee Direct Leading Message" section in the People’s Network "Leadership Message" section: As the Direct Unit of Anhui Health Committee, Anhui Medical College is cultivated in talent, the proportion of teachers and students, the proportion of students’ occupation, and the library unit student books share the standards of undergraduate. I would like to consult during the 14th Five-Year Plan, and Anhui Medical College has not been included in the plan of the undergraduate college. In this regard, the Anhui Provincial Department of Education 闵行水磨服务 returns to the following: Anhui Medical College is a public general specialist school in Anhui Provincial Health and Health Committee, founded in 1955, and 2001, there is 16 majors including clinical medicine, there is a self-affiliated hospital 1, non-direct affiliated hospitals 4. In this business university, the approval rights of the undergraduate colleges are in the Ministry of Education, which are major issues in the state and province. According to the relevant requirements of the Ministry of Education, it is necessary to overtield national and provincial development strategies, regional and provincial economic and social development needs, higher education resources. Structural layout, various factors, through sufficient investigation and system argument, it is necessary and feasible, and the provincial government has studied and approved the Ministry of Education, and must be included in college settings. After application, experts investigate and review. A series 魔都新茶论坛 of procedures such as publicity and have strict conditions.

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