62 administrative villages in Xiaoyuan Town, Hebi County have been refunded 61 上海实体海选

The conference site. People’s Network reporter Wang Yuxing photo People’s Network Zhengzhou August 24 (Wang Yuxing, Cheng Minghui) On August 24 District, most areas of Xiahe Town, Yixian County, Hebi City were overwhelmed by floods.

At present, 62 administrative villages have been refunded 61.

"The original beautiful and peaceful home has become a thousand holes and nearly 10,000 people.

Hu Pengcheng, deputy secretary of the party committee of Xiahe Town, Qixian County, introduced that the flood caused significant losses to Xiahe Town.

A total of 62 administrative villages in the whole town, all over the water flooded, all of the autumn grains, a lot of livestock and poultry ran, many people living in a dangerous house, into and out of the village road, a large amount of trees, line The rod is paved, and the water is stopped in the village.

After preliminary accounting statistics, the disaster direct economic loss is 100 million yuan.

After the disaster reconstruction, the task is arduous, and it is not going to slow. Hu Pengcheng introduced that the recent focus on restoring production and life order, properly resettlement of the mass, accurate statistical affected information.

Through the large strength of the exhaustion, environmental damage, housing safety identification, repair road, power supply and communication, safeguards water safety, etc., currently 62 administrative villages in the whole town have been 上海娱乐地图yldt restored, and 61 villages have been refunded, which has been followed 55 villages, food, drinking water and other materials are sufficient, and the road to the road is smooth, and all kinds of communication restoration, the basic life of the masses has guaranteed. (Editor: Jiang Guo, Xu Chi) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.