Beijing: Industry Committee Division can directly apply for residential special maintenance funds

青浦凤溪镇50一枪 Original title: The industry committee property management will directly apply for a residential special maintenance fund (Reporter Zhao Yingying) Accounts are clearly squatted to the residential special maintenance fund, but because there are too many property rights, the program is too cumbersome, which leads to this money. See it but it is not used. Such a worries are expected to solve in the future.

The reporter learned yesterday that the Municipal Housing Construction Committee and the Municipal Housing Fund Management Center have issued the "Notice on the Understanding of the Multi-Sales Unit Building Supplementary Maintenance Funds", which clearly can be used as the applicant by the business committee or the property management, can no longer seek Opinions on all property units. The city built the residential 上海浦东水磨桑拿会所 building in the 1980s and 1990s, many of the employee dormitory, and there are two or more sales units in the building, which is the multi-property right of the residential mouth. Unit community. In practice, the use of special maintenance funds for some communities is just above the property rights unit. The original intention of the "Notice" is exactly in order to promote the residential maintenance funds to deepen reform, ensuring multi-sales units, shared parts, shared facilities and equipment can get timely maintenance, update and transformation. "Notice", for a multi-sale unit building in a (building) building or more than two sales units, it is necessary to carry out maintenance and maintenance, it can be used by the owner committee as the owner committee. Application for the main body; without the establishment of an owner committee, the property management committee approved by the owner’s conference or the owner as an application main body; the owner committee (property management committee) is not established, the street (township, town) or community (village) determined Apply for the main body.

Whether it is the owner committee, the Property Management Committee is still the case of the application for the construction of the construction of the country, and the application for the use of residential special maintenance funds can no longer solicit the opinions of various sales units.

  Nothing to set up an owner committee and did not establish a community of the Property Management Committee, who can act as an application for? The reporter learned that after authorization, the property company can use the main body to apply for the owner of the building, and can apply for special maintenance funds for the home.

  "Notice" also puts forward, on the process, the applicant subject must apply to the regional Housing Construction Committee (Housing Management Bureau) by the relevant procedures for the use of special funds (Housing Management 上海贵族宝贝工作室论坛 Bureau) to review the provisions. After receiving the audit opinion of the District Housing Fund Management (Housing Authority), the District Housing Management Bureau will be transferred directly from the sales unit account to the application entity designated bank account according to the list of funds collected. At the same time, the owner committee, the main committee, etc. of the property management committee should do the basic data statistics, establish a special maintenance fund of multi-sales units, in case of shared parts, shared facilities and equipment need maintenance, update and transformation, and quickly Reaction, maintenance is timely.

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