Gansu Jiuquan Public Security: Do a good job in the safety guardian of the "one festival"

During the "One Festival,", the public security police duty on the first line. Huang Jingwen People’s Network Dunhuang September 26 (Wang Wenjia) September 24th to 26th, the 5th Silk Road (Dunhuang) International Culture Expo and the 10th Dunhuang Bank · Silk Road International Tourism Festival (hereinafter 上海指压飞机店 referred to "One section") held in Dunhuang City, Gansu Province, the public security police in Jiuquan City, Gansu Province, the auxiliary policeman held the smooth guidance of "one festival". According to reports, During the "One Festival", the Jiuquan Public Security Bureau put more than 600 police officers, established 20 security teams, comprehensive integration of safety information, activities, traffic information, epidemic prevention and control, etc. various types of communication command and technology Support means, achieve a smooth and efficient intelligent security command system.

The Dunhuang Municipal Public Security Bureau launched a special action for "protection sessions and guaranteed" in advance in advance. Since August, the Dunhuang Municipal Public Security 闵行吴泾镇妹子 Bureau continues to carry out social security rectification actions, group defense groups, road traffic order rectification, fire safety hazard investigation, etc. All preparations have been carried out in an orderly manner.

In order to ensure the smooth convening of the "one meeting", many policemen have been sticking to the first line, and Sun Leizai, the community police in the party river, is one of them.

In the day, he walked street, registered relevant information, and investigated the conflict disputes; he also had a normal safety inspection of all kinds of public places in the jurisdiction to eliminate hidden dangers. In addition to working in the jurisdiction, Sun Leizai’s activities are in the dormitory to the office, he became a famous "resident police".