Aiming at high quality development CCATIC 加 公 民 体育 China standardization innovation

"Economic Report" reporter learned from the Civil Economic Standard Innovation Conference held on the 26th that the implementation of "National Standardization Development Outline", from the ministries and regulations will increase private economy standardization innovation, and better use standardization methods to promote the promotion of privat economy Upgrade, realize high quality development.

The "Standardization Promotion Private Economic High Quality Development Action Plan (2022-2023)" was finalized in the day (2022-2023) "finalized five specific tasks.

"Recently, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the State Council officially released the" National Standardization Development Outline ", which is an important milestone for China’s standardization work leading economic and social high-quality development. Secretary of the Ministry of Central Committee, Secretary of the National Industry and Commerce Party Group, Interrogative President Xu Lejiang said, To gather the frontier of the science and technology, let the standard become the "assistant" of high-tech, let technology become the "hard support" of enterprises, and win the initiative with standard innovation and win the future.

To gather emerging kinetic energy, let standards become high quality "hard constraints", let quality "new business card", with standard innovation, and leading development.

He is particularly pointed out to support the development of new economic development, speed up the platform economy, share the construction of the economy, digital economic group standards, and consolidate the industry’s foundation; organize the membership enterprises to mark, reach the standard, the bidding, and help private enterprises innovation, coordination, green, green, Open, share development.

Tian Shihong, deputy director of the State Market Supervision Administration, director of the National Standardization Management Committee, pointed out that it is necessary to appreciate the needs of private enterprises, and better use standardization methods to promote the upgrading of private economy and promote the improvement of private economy, promote the healthy development of private economies, and pay attention to the use of standard means to create Marketing rule of controlling the international creature business environment, promoting the high-quality development of private economy, stimulates the innovation of private economics, enhances the core competitiveness, and promotes the size of the private economy. "Promote high-quality development, create high quality life, achieving high-efficiency management, urgently needing private economies to promote high-level standard innovation in greater efforts.

"Deputy Secretary 宝山区419spa of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee, Mayor Gong Zheng pointed out that it is necessary to better serve the national strategy, and hold the standard innovation.

It is necessary to build an international standardized highlands, focus on increasing the effective supply of high level standards, and promoting standard implementation applications.

To promote standard collaborative governance, play a role in the civil economic standardization work committee, and accelerate the formation of integration open. On the same day, the National Industry and Commerce and the National Standards Committee jointly released "Standardization Promotion Private Economic High Quality Development Action Plan (2022-12023)", focusing on improving private economy standardization and innovation capabilities, creating a good environment for private economic standardization, 上海闵行区龙凤spa and increase standard implementation Application strength, strengthen private economic standardization work service support, promote five major key tasks such as private economic standardization international cooperation make specific arrangements. (Ban Juan) Editor: Zhang Jingwen.