Digital tide tradition

  In the moment, if a home company is simply relying on the operational thinking accumulated in the past, it has not been able to keep up with the pace of the era, and the sudden epidemic has broken the traditional model of the past and accelerated the digital transformation of the industry. Homes’ heads have been borrowed by digitization, the home industry seems to be very far away from the Internet, but the sudden epidemic has broken the online marketing model of home industry, and all major groups "forced" repositioning, and began to actively embrace the Internet. Recently, Zeng Xin, Vice President of the Clinique Group, said that due to the construction of digital operations, the Chinese New Year’s live broadcast, jim, new media, etc. According to the practice, after the Spring Festival is the peak of the home market, major brands will launch new products and increase marketing. But influence, many home stores and physical stores cannot open their doors, and the entire industry chain is in the trough. In order to turn the "crisis" as the transfer, the Clutch Group has increased the development and investment of the online media, and the new media and online mainstream platforms will be diverted, and the online marketing foundation construction is strengthened. Form a new model for online drainage and offline service. Zeng Xin said that the Club Group created the mobile app "iconic community" in marketing models such as live broadcast, VR, digital integration.

Through the "iconic community", customers can find the store and their preferences with the fastest speed, and companies can quickly get people, goods, the IP tags, and reconstruct consumers’ shopping experience. It is through the large number of digital upgrades such as products, marketing, and in the first half of the home industry, the Holy Chocheti Group still maintains its position.

In the 2020 "China 500 Most Value Brand" list released on August 5th, the Chinese 500 most valuable brand is worth more than 100 million yuan, and it has entered the Chinese brand national team for four consecutive years.

  In fact, the emergence of the epidemic has made many home companies quickly realize that digitization, online-up operational demand is imminent. On March 10, IKEA officially announced into Tmall and opened official flagship stores, which also provided IKEA products and home solutions for consumers worldwide,闵行附近洗浴会所 and IKEA official shopping apps were also launched.

Annapawlakkuliga, President, China, said that "expanding e-commerce not only enriches sales channels, but also increases the interaction with consumers.

"The whole house custom furniture brand Sofia will integrate 3D R & D, customer management, employee online training, call center, etc., and walk out of a unique digital transformation 上海夜网桑拿 road through enterprise WeChat.

  Digital cracking industry pain points, home, early in 2018, has begun to try digital transformation. In this year, the home upgrade and transformation completed the actual home experience MALL; in September of the same year, Xiangmei and Jingdong teamed up to create a family of Xiangmei Jingdong; Ou Pai homes in this year’s live broadcast tide, 3 hours to harvest more than 30000 orders … but digital transformation is not only on the sales transfer line, but also behind it is the digital ability of the company’s online coordination, remote service, supply chain integration and other systems.

For home industries, not only the market is large, covering a wide range, and its user experience is also throughout the whole process, only the faults, data and terminals that will be scattered in different links, and digital transformation can be truly implemented. At present, the food and clothing in the development of human survival, there are four industries, only "live", has not yet received a complete baptism.

It is difficult to get difficult, transaction, low efficiency, and "see non-income" originated from the relative deletion of digitization in the home industry.

  Based on this, the Club Group has accelerated the construction of "Digital New Club", which is relying on the "Formation Community" from users, numbers and cultures. It is understood that the "Sea Community" is a comprehensive service and experience window provided by the Club Group for consumers, and has a total of 24-hour interactive services, with all products of the Club Group, 10,000 digital customer service and digital engineers, and 1700 Many designers, consumers can understand the product without leaving home and online.

  Not only that, but the continuous "iconic community" digital marketing integration platform also combines content marketing, product promotion, activity interests, product experience, after-sales service, product payment and other functions. At the same time, the "iconic community" digital marketing integration platform has also formed a depth integration with offline activities. "At this special period this year, the EM II insight into the new infrastructure is an important measure in the new economic cycle to solve the problem, and began to quickly build a ‘digital new icon’." Zeng Xin said, the iconic group constructs "digital new icon "The purpose of launching a series of initiatives is to enhance product and service and digital transformation, realizing the robust growth of enterprises, which is a key issue that the Club Group is the most urgent solution, and is also the future development direction.

  If you redefine the next decade of the home, if the urbanization and consumption upgrade defines the last ten years of the home industry; then since 2020, digital will define the next ten years of the home industry, this year will become home. The whole industry has a hop from the tradition to digitization. In the past five years, China’s consumption has been separated from the popularity of popularization, and the consumer market has also turned from the resulted in the population dividend to new consumption dividends. Therefore, whether it is consumer, consumer structure, consumer model, or consumption brand characteristics and consumer experiences are all upgraded: Information from asymmetricality, consumption pursuit from social identity to self-identity, channel route offline All digital contacts, brand pursuits from consistency to uniqueness, product use from satisfaction to get surprises … The industry believes that these changes have decided to put forward new requirements for the future of home, how is it from capturing people? Dividends turn to create new consumption dividends.

Therefore, whether it is the old brand, it is also a new brand in accordance with the new brand that has developed in the Internet trend in these years.

  At the same time, 5G is also like an invisible big hand drives the digital development of the home industry behind. Under the promotion of 5G, the home industry will usher in major changes. Future factories can achieve full production factors, full process interconnection, and real-time data tracking of the full life cycle, thereby greatly enhance the operational efficiency of automation factories.

  Obviously, for home companies, a digital upgrade transformation has become a new driving force for corporate growth with technical strength.

  However, there are market people believe that now many home companies and dealers are still in marketing, although this approach is unable, but if the entire industrial chain is seen, it is relatively large. The home industry is special, including design, retail, manufacturing, logistics, and five major sectors. These five major sectors have entered digitalization, which is to realize the digitalization of the full chain end of the home industry, otherwise "black hole" will appear.

  On the one hand, the Ozar Group built the old system of the brand and the user, and on the other hand, the brand has created new possibilities in the new consumer market.