Cai Qi: Creating "Yun Galan" leading to digital development

[] Yesterday afternoon, the municipal party committee theoretical learning center group student (expanded) will hold a new development pattern lecture, invite academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and Wang Jian, Chairman of the Alibaba Group Technical Committee, surrounded cloud computing.

Cai Qi, 长宁区419在哪里 Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, deputy secretary of the municipal party committee, director of the Municipal People’s Congress, Li Wei, deputy secretary of the Municipal People’s Congress, and Zhang Yancun, deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, participated in the study. Wang Jian has made deep interpretation from the rich connotation of cloud computing, digitally planned time generation, cloud computing to promote urban governance, etc., and propose recommendations to Beijing Development Cloud Computing Industry.

  Cai Qi pointed out that cloud computing is a new generation of information technology representatives, which has lead to future economic and social innovation development. Beijing is the first batch of cloud computing services innovation development pilot cities, vigorously 上海大型水疗会所 developing cloud computing, is an important part of building global digital economic benchmarks, and is also an important support for the modernization of the Capital governance system and governance. It is necessary to clarify the cloud computing to develop the gold period, based on resource endowment conditions, break through the focus area, from infrastructure and application, two-way strength, and strive to create a "cloud highland" that leads digital development. Cai Qi emphasizes that it is necessary to focus on key core, concentrate strength, and focus on improving cloud computing core technical capabilities, and strive to build a cloud computing technology system for independent innovation.

Solidly promote application technology, actively participate in the construction of international open source communities, and improve key technology international influence.

Support industry leadership leadership to form an innovation consortium, and jointly cooperate with the research and development institutions and laboratories to build a university institution. Cai Qi emphasizes that further cultivates the development of cloud computing industries, step up the high value-of-value links, and builds the basic hardware and software industry group.

Support cloud computing enterprises to enrich the cloud service supply, innovation cloud service form, provide support for the development of shared economies.

Guide the cloud computing to help industries digital transformation, carry out applying clouds in key industries. Optimize the cloud computing industry layout, cultivate cloud computing leading enterprises with international competitiveness, and develop related specialty industries. To actively promote cloud computing depth applications. Improve the government cloud and unify the cloud management standard. Promote the construction of urban brain, enhance urban governance and level.

Construction industry clouds, deepen cloud computing application scenarios and innovations. Cai Qi demanded, stick to the cloud safety bottom line.

Improve cloud computing industry standards, management specifications, and build cloud safety stereo defense systems. Promote credible technical applications, do a good job in safety assessment in key areas, monitor early warning, emergency disposal, and strengthen application supervision.

Regional, relevant departments should optimize the business environment, and leading cadres at all levels should improve cloud computing and management capabilities.

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