Does Hongzheng, Mingzheng, is there a improvement in the life of people’s lives?

Hongzhi Zhongxing is a short and brilliant "treatment of the world, the Ming Dynasty, Ming Xiaozong, Zhu Youzhen, is a benevolent Jun, and in the position, especially in the interior, in the interior.

At the same time, it cleared the previous large number of ministers, and reuse the 静安区419哪家服务好 Qianchen, the revolutionary wissue, and the political clearing.

During this time, objectively speaking people’s lives have been improved.

First, Ming Xiaozong is a thrifty emperor. The key is that the folk mining of the colors is also called, relieve the people’s burden. At the same time, he has repeatedly squatted, prohibiting the sect, and the people are invading the people, and the fish will.

Second, there will be many times to reduce the summer tax and autumn tax in some places. These are close to the people. Especially in the disaster situation, Song Xiaong Duty Free Food, he also gives a certain assistance to the poor wheat, cow, and gives certain assistance. Third, the disaster. Governing water is the most critical content of Hongzhi, Ming Xiaozong has governed the Huang River, Hongzhi two years of 上海浦东新区品茶群 Kaifeng Huang River, Xia Zong’s life, the left servant of 50,000 people.

In the five years of Hongzhi, the Xiaolan’s wife of Xia Zongmu Ministry, hosted the governance, and solved the life problems of the local people. In the five years of Hongzhi, the Jiangnan Su Suzong River Downs and flooded.

Xia Zong dispatched Xu to governance, which is also a big project in a service, an increase in the income of the people, solved the slime clogging of the Jiangnan water transport, turning there into drought and flood protection. Orthodox, all-in -genated years, farmers’ uprising, but in Hong Zhi, there is almost no large-scale peasant uprising. This will naturally explain certain truths. At the same time, Daming’s income and population increased.

In addition to political stability, there is almost no big turmoil nationwide, which makes the people’s days to a certain extent stable.

In addition, Ming Xiaozong has a series of resting policies. Whether it is in the construction of water conservancy or light thin, all have a huge impact on the people, and naturally make the people’s life improvement.