Cocoa Hai Scenic Area to carry out autumn fire drills

Fire drills were conducted in Coca Hai Museum Visitors Service Center, and 50 scenic spots and live tourists participated in 上海水磨服务微信 this drill.On-site simulation of fire caused by cigarettes, the linkage alarm system quickly started working, and broadcasting also began to guide visitors.

The security department immediately launched an emergency plan. The emergency teams quickly arrived in the designated position. The soldiers began to handle it in an orderly manner. Some people responsible for the fire alarm. Some people are responsible for the promotion of the junior fire. Some people are responsible for guiding 上海一楼一凤论坛 tourists. Some people will welcome the fire truck to guide the fire truck.Some people rescue the disabled personnel.From "Discovery" fire to the final "fire", the whole process is only 5 minutes.The entire drill process is tense and orderly.

At the exercise site, firefighters also patiently explained the forest fire prevention 上海高端水磨 knowledge to tourists, and popularized the knowledge of fire protection equipment.

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