Adhere to the "four must" and grasp the law to make economic work – the spirit of the central economic work conference caused enthusiastic response in Shandong

Original title: Adhere to the "four must", grasp the law to make economic work – the spirit of the Central Economic Work Conference caused enthusiastic response to "four must", grasp the law – Central Economic Work Conference in Shandong The enthusiastic response to the central economic work conference pointed out that in the practice of responding to risk challenges, we further accumulated regular understanding of economic work and summarized it as "four must." In an interview, everyone agreed that implementing the spirit of the Central Economic Work Conference, it is necessary to reflect this "four must" reflect the work of economic and social development, reflecting all tasks promoting high quality development, in Constantly deepening regular understanding, firm sense of confidence, enhance the sense of urgency, maintain a strategic and fixed force, and pay attention to steady. "This is an important regular understanding of the ‘five fundamental’ on the Summary of the Central Economic Work Conference last year." In the face of Yuan Hongying, the Dean of the Shandong Academy of Social Sciences, this is also the Chinese economy in responding to the country. The high-level summary of the class risk challenge can continue to be a good experience in the 2022 economic work, providing systematic understanding and science.

"’Must adhere to Party Central Central Central Unified Leaders’ first, because of the major risks and uncertainties in high-quality development, the overall grasp of time-effectiveness, comprehensively enhance the capacity and effect of overall coordination, Need to rely on the centralized unified leadership of the Party Central Committee.

"Yuan Hongying believes that" four must "have a logical relationship of the inner unity, and must adhere to the centralized unified leadership of the Party Central Committee. To a good fundamental guarantee. According to the Central Economic Work Conference, we must adhere to high quality development. He insists that economic construction is the requirements of the party’s basic route. Reasonable growth. Zhang Bao, general manager of Shandong Energy Group, has a deep feeling: "Shandong Energy Group as coal-based energy enterprises, more complete, accurate, comprehensive implementation of new development concept, and do strong coal industries, accelerating new The energy industry, build a new development pattern, promoting high quality development. "" New Situation will not wear new shoes to walk old way.

"Zhang Baocai said, according to the requirements of the Central Economic Work Conference, Shandong Energy Group must first play the role of coal" stabilizer ", consolidate energy security foundation," put the energy of the rice bowl in their own hands "; on the other hand, we must surround carbon Damong, carbon neutralization goals, speed up into the new energy industry. Strive to "145", Shandong Energy Group’s new energy installed has reached more than 20 million kilowatts, built into wind power, photovoltaic, hydrogen energy, geothermal and so on. Energy industry cluster.

According to the Central Economic Work Conference, we must adhere to steady and advance, adjust the policy and promote reform to grasp the time-effectiveness, insist on the end, and steady. "This ‘must’ especially important for our natural resources.

"Liaocheng Natural Resources and Planning Bureau Party Secretary, Second Level Guardian Zhang Yu Lu said," natural resource work involves the broad, highly related sex, high social attention, in actual work, we must adhere to the stability, steady, Accurately grasp the relationship between ‘standing’ and ‘break’, pay attention to coordination to promote various work, prevent short-term development of long-term goals, debris the system to prevent it in the process of policy implementation, and a knife cut. "In the development process, it is necessary to face multiple factors inner and external factors, withstand multiple pressure.

The Central Economic Work Conference is clearly proposed and must strengthen coordination and adhere to system concepts. "Economic and social development should consider many of the factors such as resources and ecology. Economic development and ecological environment 上海龙凤桑拿419论坛 is not contradictory, opposite, but dialectical unity, mutual promotion, as long as you catch well, you can fully resonate.

"The Director of the Weifang Ecological Environment Bureau said.

In recent years, Weifang adheres to high-level ecological environment protection to help high quality development. In the first three quarters, Weifang’s total production value, two indicators of deposit balance increased in the province, from January to October, Weifang’s environmental air quality improvement, the province’s first, water environment quality improvement situation, the third. "Adhere to the concept of system, we will continue to adhere to the integration of ecological environmental protection and economic and social development in the next step, one integration, integrating, integrating assessment, 上海桑拿保健网 promote high-quality development of economic high quality, let green become Weifang Development Various background.

Ma Huanjun said. The Central Economic Work Conference clearly stated that leading cadres should improve the professional ability of leadership economics. Secretary of the Yucheng Municipal Party Committee, Director of the Democratic Committee of Texas High-tech Zone, Teng Haiqiang, from the beginning of last year, Yucheng Established the Modern Industry College, carry out three-year-old cadres and all-in-law training, promoting cadres at all levels, especially leading cadres, and reshaping. " The triple pressure of the current demand, the impact, and expectation of weakening, and the leading cadres at all levels have put forward new higher requirements.

"Teng Haiqiang said that leading cadres should consciously enhance the sense of responsibility, urgency, accelerate the short board, optimize the knowledge structure, and improve the professional thinking, professionalism and professional methods of driving economic development under complex situation.

Yucheng will continue to clarify cadres capacity building, continuously improve the eyes, capabilities and skills of cadres to catch economic development, and strive to be "hipster" to promote economic development. The actual results of economic development.

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