Enthusiastic songs in the past 100 years

On July 1st, Jinggang, Tianlang Qing.

Located in the Huaping Town, Jiangxi Jing, Jiangxi, Jinggangshan City, is particularly lively.

"Here, I am solemnly announced by the party and the people. After continuing to struggle with all the people of the whole party, we have achieved the first hundred years of struggle. In the Chinese land, a well-off society has been completed, historically solved absolute poverty problems. It is moving forward to the second hundred years of struggle for the first hundred years of struggle in a comprehensive construction of socialist modern power. This is the great glory of the Chinese nation! This is the great glory of the Chinese people! This is the great glory of the Chinese Communist Party! "General Secretary Xi Jinping’s words Powerful, the applause on Tiananmen Square has been long-lasting. The folks in front of the TV set the small red flag in his hand. Many people didn’t help but cheers: "Long live the Communist Party!" "Listening to the important speech of General Secretary, I am very excited. Because of the close care of the general secretary, the party’s good policy Our Jinggangshan City was taken the lead in being a poor cap in early 2017.

"The villagers of Shenshan Village, the country, the country, the advanced individual Peng Xia Ying said," Now the happy days are really dreaming! We will always go with the party! "The party’s festival, the people’s holiday. In the past few days, persistence around the grassroots, hot in the masses, carry out colorful activities, celebrate the Chinese New Year’s 100th year. The masses of the majority of party members pass all kinds of ways, love socialism The feelings of "always walking with the party".

Colorful activities, unwavering, unwilling to follow the party, Gansu Dingxi, a high school student, Zhang Yang, said as a young man in the new era, must enhance the ambition of Chinese people, bone, cold, not negative, not loaded, no party And the people of the people.

In Dingxi, "Thousands of Thousands of Thousands Singing Red Songs" Solitaire Singing Activities In-depth in the city, guiding young people to know the party, knowing the history of the country, unwilling to listen to the party, and walk with the party. "Singing a song to the party, I will take the party than the mother …" June 29, a red song flash activity was held in front of the Memorial Hall of Hefei, Anhui Province, and 600 new party members sang "Sing Mountain Song to the Party Listening to "" There is no New China "" singing the motherland "and other red classic songs. In order to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, Anhui continued to carry out art creation tour, cultural exhibitions, party history competitions, mass cultural activities, red tourism experiences and other hundred activities, guide the party members and masses to understand China Why is the Communist Party, why is Marxism, why is the socialism with Chinese characteristics.

In the past few days, the two sides of Shanghai Pujiang, a building, "I don’t forget the joy", "I will go with the party" and so on.

With "Hongqi" and other familiar mesices, "Forever with the Party" Theme Light and Shadow attracted many citizens, and tourists stopped appreciation. In Chongqing High-tech Zone, the masses are widely involved in the "Red Classic Guess" competition and other special activities, and the "slow live broadcast" is also used in the form of multiple celebrations into 8 hours uninterrupted live broadcast program. At the national network, Zhejiang Ningbo Yinzhou District Power Supply Company, more than 100 party members and employees read red classics, revisiting red memory, got a "reading party class" in a do not open.

With the new generation of party history, the new achievements of the Party of the Party, July 1, 81-year-old Zheng Zhu selection opened the radio, and listened to the important speech at general General Secretary to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. Zheng Zhu was excited, "" The reform and opening up changed Hanzheng Street, "also changed my fate.

We must believe in the party at any time, go with the party! "Not long ago, a party history of" revisiting the new era of revitalization of the entrepreneurship "is open in Hanzheng Street, Hubei Province, including the 7th old, middle and blue representatives 夜上海论坛 of Hanzheng Street, including the Zheng Zhou, told more than 200 young people. In the leadership of the party, the history of the Handzheng Street.

"We revive the history of entrepreneurship, just don’t forget the initial heart, learn from the history." Hu Ya, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the People’s Congress of the People’s Congress of Wuhan, said Hu Yafei.

"The party’s history is the most vivid, most convincing textbook." For the past few days, we will carry out the education of party history, further focus on the party history, understand the idea, do practical things, open a new bureau, and learn from party history. Celebrate the 100th birthday of the party.

Recently, the "1 + 1 + 10" party history of Nanhuaxi Street, Haizhu District, 上海品茶服务 Guangzhou, Guangdong, officially unveiled, opening the "home door" research tour. "We will further carry out a variety of party history education, while doing well the" I am doing practical activities for the masses "and serve the masses with your heart." Wu Tianjun, secretary of the Nanki Street Party Work Committee, said.

Hebei Zhengding County Party History Learning Education Knowledge Competition Finals, the participating players are calm and have a wonderful. "Through this party history competition, we have further revisited the party’s century, and it has firmly determined the belief that will always go with the party." Getting a prize-winning player Li Jing said with a common voice.

Transform the love party patriotic love to socialist enthusiasm into the 上海高端品茶 actual action field, several large-scale unmanned agricultural machinery travel, the cultivated land ridge and ridges are neat one … The sun is empty, Jilin Pisu County Hongwang Agricultural Machiner Professional Cooperative Director Zhang Wenyi was busy in the place. Zhang Wenyi said that he used to take the lead as a party member and cooperative. It is necessary to use the great spirit of the party to form himself in a hundred years of struggle, motivate himself, insisting on hard work, and focus on the use of modern agricultural technology, let the black land are more fertilized, let cultivated land efficiency Higher, let the harvest of the folks better.

Dedicated to cast glory, struggle to achieve dreams. All localities have organized a variety of forms, rich in content, incentives, and mobilize the majority of party members and the masses to make contributions to their positions, and conversion to love the party patriotic love socialist enthusiasm into practical actions. Tibet Zhangmu Port, just watched the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, Nielau Entry-Exit Front Defense Inspection Station Immigration Police Xu Xinxin is very excited, "as an entering party active molecule, I want to keep the loyalty and love of the party and the people. In the heart, it is implemented in action, and it has been achieved in the work. "" "" "Xi Jinping General Secretary’s important speech is exciting, and it is evident!" Heilongjiang entry and exit border inspection station Arctic border police station teacher Niu Shi Lei said that the Arctic border police station It is the most important place in my country, the most cold police station, the first generation, the generation of the people listening to the party Chinese, walking with the party, rang "to live with cold, the people who are doing the best; to live loneliness, for the people The slogan of guardigans, "We must use youth to dedicate your career, use the belief to guard the frontier." "I feel more responsible!" Yang Chi, the Sakuzhou Road, Ningxia, Yanchi District, said, Yang Ju, Secretary, Yang Ju, Secretary, Secretary, Secretary, Secretary, Secretary, Secretary, Shumei, Secretary of the Furong Community Party Branch, said. At the underground integrated gallery project of Chengdu, Chengdu, the party members took the lead in the front.

Wang Xue, the relevant person in charge of the China Construction Second Bureau of the project, said, "We must carry forward the glorious tradition, the red blood, and use the real work to interpret the eternal mission of the Communists.