Chen Dong to Dapu Junior Police Talk to exchange actively responding to the six needs of the students

  On the afternoon of October 2, Chen Dong, deputy director of Hong Kong, China, came to the Tai Po Junior Availability Agreement in the New Territories Village, and exchanged the juvenile warning students and related personnel. This visit is one of the series of activities of the China Union office "Listening to the Concentric Walk". Director of the Hong Kong SAR Government, Xiao Zeyi participated in the event.

  Entrusted by Director of 上海美女品茶qq群 Luo Huining, Chen Dong represents the Hong Kong Police Force and the Member of the Junior Police News to the National Day.

Chen Dong said that the Hong Kong Police Force is loyal and brave, the heart is social, effectively safeguarding the state’s security and the stability of Hong Kong, and is worthy of the world’s best guards.

  Going into the juvenile warning, he came to the quaint and elegant event. Qiu Yuliang, who was a senior student who was unconventional, introduced Chen Dong, and the activities of the Old Police Department of Shangshui Township have become a history of nearly 120 years. When I learned Qiu Yuliang’s primary school, I joined the alert. Now I have just graduated from college and prepare for the police, Chen Dong said happily, this is a "inheritance".

  Chen Dong came to the conference room to talk to everyone.

"Guo Hongqi!" Chen Dong recognized "old friend" in the young police student, and hit him with him.

Guo Hongyi said, in 2018, he and his partners wrote to the chairman of Xi Ping, got a reply encouragement of the President, so that he will never forget.

  At the symposium, you introduced the overall situation of the juvenile warning, and put forward 6 needs on how to better go to the Mainland, exchanged, including more important history, national conditions and development achievements; Conducting exchange activities with intangial youth; have the opportunity to learn sports spirit and skills to the Olympic athletes, national-level outstanding athletes; can participate in the volunteers of national large-scale sports events; to the mainland internship, visit state organs. When I discussed, when I got up to introduce myself, Chen Dong quickly made her sit down. "You can say it." I heard that Deng Song will be seven years old, Chen Dong encouraged: "You are The juvenile warning is very deep, and it is necessary to play a good role.

"Director of Police said that there are some young people in Hong Kong now is not known to the country, and the problem is easy to see, but the members of the juvenile warning are here from small and correct education and training. Chen Dong said The teenager warning was established in 1974. There have been nearly 50 years of history, accumulating more than 1 million members, helping everyone have enhanced the awareness of the rule of law, the national concept, and the patriotic spirit.

  Chen Dong said that June 30, 2017, General Secretary Xi Jinping came to the Juvenile Agreement Permanent Activity Center, cordially visited everyone, and made an ardent hope for the healthy growth of Hong Kong’s youth. In 2018, General Secretary Xi Jinping also gave Guo Hongwei and other students, "I hope everyone will read 10,000 books, walk a lot of history, learn more about the national conditions, open the horizons, grow the knowledge, temper the skills, so as soon as possible Actual action to serve Hong Kong and serve the country.

Today, I listened to everyone’s speech. I felt that the students were remembering the general secretary of the near Ping, diligent learning, hard training, growth talents, and juvenile alert staff have also made many solid and effective work in cultivating adolescents.

  For the 6 needs, Chen Dong said, "We can all dock, China Union Office, the Qingman Department, strongly support the assistance, from the neutral lead, after the epidemic, we will make it it, everyone is optimistic Isn’t it good? "The warm applause sounded. Before the end of the discussion, Chen Dong 上海微信品茶90分钟靠谱 gave a "here China" per person in the scene.

Chen Dong said: "This book is I found on the Hong Kong book fair in July. The book has a beautiful photo, professional map, affectionate text, depicting the motherland mountain river, interpreting the Chinese story. Can help you understand The country’s past, now, and hopeful future.

"Chen Dong and the students agreed, waiting for everyone to see this book, when visiting you next time, you can open a reading to share the exchange meeting. Chen Dong finally said that the juvenile warning is the bridge of" Police and People Relations "and Bond, when the Hong Kong Police faces the pressure challenge during the black violence, the juvenile warning members and their families are an important force, "because you understand the police 上海金山水磨实体店 team and the police". Chen Dong hopes Members of the juvenile warning, learn from the police and police, establish the correct values, enhance social responsibility and national pride, and grow as useful for society, serve Hong Kong, serve the motherland.