Continue to turn off tax dual cycles (open talk)

  At the beginning of 2021, China has introduced more efforts to reduce import tariff measures.

Not only the tentative tax rate is less than the maximum tax rate, but also the coverage is broader, and the total coverage involves 883 items.

At the same time as tax reduction, the tax payment is adjusted, involving 8,580 tax points, making the taxation and China’s industrial development and scientific and technological progress more adapted. On the first day of the New Year, a group of new places in the business field showed the high level of China to expand the new weather, and also took the first step in the new development pattern.

  According to WTO prediction, affected by new coronal pneumonia, 2020 global commodity trade will decline, and global trade scale will be much lower than the new crown pneumonia epidemic. In the 阿拉爱上海419龙凤论坛 context of global trade downturn, China’s export growth is far more than expected. In November 2020, it did not only grow for 8 months, showing strong toughness, and the growth rate reached the highest level of this year. However, in terms of import, after the single month of import, the number of imports of imports from November, in November, in November, fell back to the negative growth interval. After more than 40 years of reform and opening up, China’s social productivity, comprehensive national strength, and people’s living standards have achieved historical leaps, and the people ‘s yearning for good life is more strong.

In order to promote the upgrade of consumption levels, better meet the growing beautiful life needs, the customs continue to improve the tariff system, implement the import initiatives to expand 爱上海龙凤 the consumer goods, further enhance the people’s well-being, and have strong enhance the people’s feelings. The products involved in this taxation include multiple categories. Among them, the second batch of anti-cancer raw materials, special children needed to implement zero-tariffs, and apply a lower tax rate for medical equipment such as artificial heart valve, hearing aids and baby milk powder such as whey protein powder, lactoferrin.

Reduce import tariffs for these items, help to reduce the economic burden of patients, improve people’s quality of life, and promote the dynamic balance of demand traction, supply creative demand. This tax has also included China’s commodities that have signed multiple bilateral free trade agreements.

Due to the multi-bilateral self-trade agreement involving the broad,上海比较大的娱乐会所 the scope of the agreement is generally basically covered with a bilateral trade volume of 90%, and the trade promotion effect of tax rebate is particularly remarkable. Up to now, China has signed 19 self-trade agreements with 26 countries and regions.

This tax reduction measures have two time nodes. One is January 1st, the goods related to China and New Zealand, Peru, Costa Rica, Switzerland, Iceland have further reduced import tax rates, and for origin Some of the import commodities in Mongol began to apply the Asia-Pacific self-trade agreement rate.

Import goods related to China and Mauritius Self-trade agreements shall be levied from the low applicability of the Agreement and the most affordable state tax rate in accordance with the agreement tax rate; the other is July 1st, the bilateral trade agreement between China and the Asia-Pacific trade agreement The product implementation is again taxed, and the maximum tax rate of the "Information Technology Agreement" related products is implemented.

In the case of the international market, there is still a big uncertainty, reducing import tariffs is conducive to expanding imports and promoting import growth.

  From joining the WTO to now "a belt all the way", China open the chest, embrace the world, to promote the development of world economic development, and promote major contributions to the world economy, become the main stabilizer and power source of the world economy. In general, by expanding key technologies in China, imports of parts, this tax rebate is conducive to enhancing the quality and level of domestic supply, meeting the needs of the people’s good life, and promotes domestic circulation.

At the same time, it also uses the super large market advantage, providing a broader market opportunity to countries, better attracting global resources to gather, and promoting import growth continues to fall.

Through tax reduction, further China Unicom and the international market, promote the construction of new development patterns of domestic international double cycle, building new advantages in China’s international cooperation and competition. (The author is a vice president of the China Trade Conceration Research Institute (Editor: Li Yilin (intern), Li Dong) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.