Full rectification of river sand production, the river long system work is achieved

On the afternoon of July 14, Linyi City 上海会所推荐419 held a TV conference on the Nanyinhe City River Meeting and the city’s river sands, and implemented the municipal party committee and the municipal government on the full implementation of the river (Lake) long-made decision-making deployment and Linyi City. The spirit of the general river meeting, research and deployment of central environmental inspections, the provincial party committee inspections and feedback from the ecological environmental protection of the native river basin, focusing on the construction of the river sands, and fully promoting the long-term work of the Nantine River. Zhao Guixiang, deputy mayor of the municipal government, attended the meeting and speaking. The meeting requires that all relevant departments at all levels should improve the station, attach great importance to the ecological environment 大龙凤419 work, closely cooperate, integrally linkage, and do a good job in the sand sand insulation.

To attack, organize the joint law enforcement team, and the sand test in the jurisdiction, discover the problem immediately and improve, the top handling, and fully standardize all science points. To take the initiative, counties (districts) should undertake the subject’s responsibility, overall responsibility, supervision responsibility; all functional responsibilities should implement multi-sectoral joint law enforcement, joint rectification of county (district); The graded sand samples should organize the work to supervise the county (district) to supervise, and it is necessary to seriously investigate and deal with the rectification.

The meeting was set in various counties (districts), township (town). (Li Wei Pei Wang Hongbin) Source: Linyi Daily (Editor: Musheng Yu, Xu Qian) Sharing Let more people see the recommended reading.