5G industry integration application floor focus clear

Original title: 5G industry integration application floor focus is clear in 2021 World 5G Conference is about to come, Huang Yuhong, Vice President, China Mobile Research Institute, expressed the "Gao Song" to express the global 5G development process in an interview with Science and Technology Daily. my country’s 5G licenses have been issued for two years. The number of individual users has risen. The industry application is full of bloom, but Huang Yuhong also pointed out that there is still a business model in the convergence in the vertical industry, and the industry application demand is a thousand words. Don’t wait to solve it. . The global 5G development of high songs, the "three unprecedented" talks about the current 5G development, Huang Yuhong gives "three unprecedented". First, 5G is rapidly deploying and commercialization at an unprecedented speed.

  According to GSA data, as of the end of April 2021, 163 operators in 64 countries and regions around the world launched 5G commercial services.

  From the data from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, as of the end of May, my country’s three telecom operators 5G mobile terminals reached 100 million, and the net increase of hundreds of millions over the last year.

  Second, the 5G industry application has never been unprecedented.

  Huang Yuhong said: "Many industries have given more attention and enthusiasm for 5G applications. If you talk about 5G more than a year, more ideas, some programs, after this year, there are many applications that have successfully landed. Implementation.

"Huang Yuhong introduced that China Mobile has facing more than 100 national leading enterprise demonstration projects for 15 industries. There have been more than 2,000 local industries, and many companies have taken the production efficiency and safety of 5G. In addition, China’s contribution is unprecedented. According to Huang Yuhong, China’s frequency band 5G, large-scale antenna, etc. my country’s leading technical direction has become mainstream; my country’s leading and led 5GSA (independent network) mode is in the world, and Get more and more carrier support; my country’s active contribution of 5G second version R16 standard has also been frozen, the industry will enter the network construction and application phase, 5G will thus release more powerful ability.

  Wisdom is everywhere, all things can be controlled, integrated storage unlimited, data creation value, application locally, can be known at any time … With 5G and artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, big data, edge calculation and other technologies Symbiosis, such a scene will no longer be imagined.

  As a global operator leader, China Mobile actively promotes technology innovation and industrial development, lead 5G international standard development, joint production research promotes the transformation of information and communication industries. The 5G industry integration application is not necessary to work hard to empower social digital development, the integration application of vertical industries is the key, and it is also the focus point of the transformation of telecom operators.

  Huang Yuhong said that many challenges that hinder the application of the 5G 上海外卖工作室品茶 industry.

  First of all, the industry needs a thousand words, they do not only need connection, but also need more differential capacity to solve the various problems in production, these capabilities are not overlooked with the original agreement and system compatibility.

  Second, traditional communication service charges are relatively simple, in contrast, 5G business model innovation is difficult, global telecom operators are in exploration. In addition, the current ability of 5G does not meet the needs of certain industries special application scenarios, but also waiting for the standards to continue to improve. At the same time, the lack of industry standards in 5G applications causing many industries that they did not dare to copy their applications.

  Another 5G industry application of 上海喝茶私人工作室 large-scale development is that the industry’s application terminal is different, and the cost is still high. According to Huang Yuhong, in order to solve the problems in these development, China Mobile is working with industry and industry to seek solutions to the "Demand Common Discovery, Product Common Innovation, Project Delivery, Value Creation".

  In response to the differential demand of industry users, China Mobile launches "excellent, special, respect" custom network service model, launched a 9One platform, which is included in industrial, agriculture, medical, education, finance, cities, parks, etc. Nine nine open platforms for different industries to meet different types of customers’ business needs. In the innovation of 5G business model, China Mobile launched the "BAF Multi-Site" 上海大桶大398油压 5G commercial model, support bandwidth, rate, and number of multi-dimensional charging modes, making the billing, customized grading equity experience, let The service is more intimate, "according to single dish", which reduces the difficulty of customers.

  For the problem of terminal difference, high cost, China Mobile is promoting the general module standard development, research and development promotion of low-cost chips facing the industry, through the "5G industry terminal sail plan" condense industry demand, carry out joint research, to promote industry terminal Large and low cost development.

  According to Huang Yuhong, in order to constantly enrich 5G capabilities, China Mobile continues to promote the improvement of relevant standards in the International Standards to ensure that the R16 standard is completed, and the R17, and even the R18 standard.

On the other hand, in order to promote 5G envigibility, China Mobile is actively studying integration standards with industry customers and partners in various cross-banking cooperation organizations.

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