China Railway Iron and Iron Iron 2nd Bureau Exhibition Hall

China Railway Second Bureau exhibition hall covers an area of ??about 700m2, divided into left and right second pavilions, the first contribution of Guanghui history, overseas development, main business, etc. The exhibition hall issued a large number of precious historical information that He Longmun, who was "Open Road," in June 15, 1950. The China Railway Second Bureau has been inheriting with the born "red gene", Liu Deng Dafa’s origin, 74 old Red Army, 30,174 military and workers, 上海全套外卖 and the country-owned enterprises that have fewed "root seed seedlings" nationwide. After more than 70 years of inheritance and promotion, the red gene has become the collective will and firm beliefs of China Railway Seconds, which has been cultivated as a lofty political belief and spiritual pursuit. During various development, China Railway Second Bureau was condensed with the innate red gene, which has widely pushed the pound of the company’s leapfrog development. It has formed "loyalty to the party, hard work, selfless dedication, not afraid Sacrification, brave innovation "" open road pioneer "is the core of" Opening Pioneer ", incentives, the first generation of China Railway Second Bureau fought at the forefront of the company’s reform, not only the road to the foundation of the Republic,上海浦东全套 but also opened the market economy to explore the road, Open Chinese enterprises to go out of the national road, open the road of state-owned enterprises, open the road of modern enterprises, the road to development, once the pioneer bright sword and strength burst, unveiled, "red genes" integrating bone marrow play an important role.

China Railway Second Bureau "dare to fight hard, good fight, can hit", "has received the high affirmation and praise of the leadership of the central people.

The exhibition hall has been "open a pioneer" culture as the main line, records, and interprets the "opening of the pioneers" as a strong historical culture of the source of power.

The China Railway Second Bureau exhibition hall has collected the main railway network of 爱上海同城论坛网址 China Railway and the first railway, the main railway network has been built, and the valuable history of the Southwest Railway Network.

Among them, 40 marties in Tanzan Railway have won 62 comrades from the 70th anniversary of the Chinese People’s Volunteer Anti-US Aid Korea. The 1300 martyrs in Chengkun Railway also showed the glorious deeds of the national earthquake relief hero collective.