Harbin Shangzhi Municipal People’s Government Picture News Municipal Government held the 51th executive meeting

On October 12, Zhang Chao, deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, presided over the 51st executive meeting of the municipal government.

Listen to the situation on new community settings.

The research discussion "Implementing the implementation of the Decision of the Chinese Heilongjiang Provincial Party on In-depth development of the new development, accelerating the new development pattern, promoting the new development pattern to promote the new breakthrough, the new breakthrough," 2021-022, Spring Effective to solve the straw open air incineration work program "" to promote consumer goods The Market Stabilized Growth Sideline Rules "" Establishment of Peat Soil Resources Protection Common Responsibility Mechanism. "

City leaders Liu Yansheng, Yu Dehua, Ma Qimin, Liu Fengjun, Meng Xiangji attended the meeting, Guo Wenrui and the relevant department’s head of the meeting. The meeting pointed out that community is the basic unit of society, community governance is an important part of social governance. Carry out the need for community new work, to accelerate the transfer of the social management functions, enhance community service level and maintain social stability. To start from the actual situation of the community, start from the needs of the masses, rationally allocate all kinds of resources to provide more quality services to the masses, so that the people have more feelings.

The meeting emphasized that it is necessary to resolutely promote the historical responsibility of the agricultural rural modernization in the forefront to implement the country’s revitalization strategy, focus on food security, industrial improvement, rural construction, rural reform, strengthen the roots, key breakthroughs, system Advance, accelerate the high quality of agriculture, and the rural shoulder, the farmers are rich and rich. Meeting requirements, we have taken measures, promote comprehensive use of straw, focus on stalk returning and straw acquisition.

Further compaction with grid responsibility at all levels, strengthen the key time, key parts, key sections and key personnel, all-weather inspection.

It is necessary to extensively carry out media propaganda, outdoor publicity, and enter the households, and make the people rest assured to the masses.

Ensure that "there is no fire, do not take a smoke", 上海龙凤交友 achieve "whole domain, full-time period, comprehensive" ban.

The meeting pointed out that consumption is the long-lasting power of economic growth.

It is necessary to establish a top and down linkage mechanism in accordance with the requirements of "promoting the stable growth subsidy rules" of the consumer goods market, and concentrate on the implementation of strength. 上海新区水磨会所 To strengthen market order supervision, smooth consumers’ rights channels, and further create a consumer environment that makes people rest assured. It is necessary to oversee the prevention and control and economic development of the epidemic, and strictly follow the measures to prevent and control the regularity of the epidemic and ensure the consumption environment for the people of the city.

The meeting emphasized that the relevant townships and towns should establish the "one-game chess" idea, adhere to the principles of "all their duties, negative responsibilities, efficient cooperation, close cooperation", clarify the work responsibilities, refine work measures, strengthen supervision and evaluation, It is not disconnected to increase the protection of peat soil. It is necessary to actively broaden the masses to supervise the channels, broadly promote special actions to clean up and rectify, so that the masses fully understand, fully support, and form a strong atmosphere of the whole society to clean up the violations of violations of the local territory.

The meeting also arranged deployment of investment promotion, autumn harvest production, epidemic prevention and control, vaccination. (Source: Shangzhi City Information Center).