Hainan Self Trading Port Construction Papers Accelerate

  The core reading has completed the expansion of Haikou Meilan International Airport, the flight is continuous; 49 days from the exemption from the island, the sales volume exceeded 5 billion yuan; the monthly signing, the monthly start, key project construction accelerated; international investors come to the middle … … In June this year, since the release of the Hainan Free Trade Port, Hainan adheres to the implementation of the system integration and innovation, and the implementation of the policy is implemented, and strives to win more early gains to ensure the construction of the free trade port.

  Adhere to the implementation of the system integrated innovation on August 30, the "Far East" round of the "Far East" round of the China-Diston shipping energy is delivered, and the "China Pu Hongang" ship certificate.

Hainan Yangpu Port also ranks among the "100,000-ton giant round club".

  "3 months birth of three ‘China Pu Hongang’ shipping freighters, the internal and foreign trade routes increased from 22 to 31, and the single-month container throughput was first broken.

Zhou Junping, Secretary of the Working Committee of the Working Committee of the Yongpu Economic Development Zone Hainan Province, said, "These are all evil changes in the construction of trade-wide construction.

"The opportunity is prepared, and the good policy should be practical.

In April this year, Hainan further decentralized provincial approval rights in 10 key parks including the Yongpu Economic Development Zone. On this basis, Yangpu implemented 40 "Optimized Business Environment and Improvement Efficiency" in "Listance Approval" "" Reviewed (Tax) ".

  In March this year, he participated in the Hainan Self Training Policy Training Course, and Wang Jianmin, the Chief Operating Officer of Hong Kong Airlines, who was held by the Hainan Provincial Party Committee, and Wang Jensimin, will form a report to the envision of the policy landing.

"Construction, with ‘China Yangpu Port’, engaged in international transportation for ship registration port, can be deemed to export and enjoy export tax rebate.

"Wang Jianmin said," This is an attractive situation in Hainan’s self-trade and Hong Kong policy.

"We have not run over Yangpu, and 3 working days will be the first" China Yongpu Port ‘"ship certificate.

"The Yongpu Economic Development Zone Management Committee and the Hainan Hairy Bureau and other departments have taken the initiative to let the deputy general manager of China and Yuanhai Special Transportation Co., Ltd. Dong Yuhang, the early morning, I received all the certificates and instruments of the ship.

  "Hainan self-trade port is implemented more open ship transportation policies, including domestic ships carried out in Hongpu Port as transit ports, etc., allowing the bonded oil required for this voyage.

"Dong Yuhang said," 5400 boxes of freighters, running Liaoning Jinzhou to Yangpu route, can add 553 tons of insurance oil, single channel can save about 600,000 yuan, this is a real discount. "I adhere to the implementation of the system integration and innovation, in order to attract more shipping resources to settle in Yangpu, and achieve high standards to create the goal of the Western Luhai New Channel Shipping Hub.

"The idea is the joint pursuit of Hainan’s self-trade and Hong Kong constructor. By August this year, Hainan’s self-trade port industry has launched 85 institutional innovation cases, involving commercial reform, talent training, foreign trade and other fields. .

  Holding the ecological red line does not relax in late July, some netizens have exposed the water quality deterioration in the suburbs of Sanya, Sanya, Hainan Province, and uninhabited garbage.

  Hainan "Environmentally Friendly Balance Inspector" Second Inspection Team is intervened in time, after 4 point sampling of streams, it is determined that 3 of them are inferior V-class water quality. In another check, although there are two sewage treatment plants in the wetland park, there is no access to the pipe network. The source of fertilizers, pesticides, and agricultural waste generated in the peripheral rice fields and melon, are also discharged into the wetland river and creek, exacerbated water quality deterioration.

  The inspecting group opened a deadline for a deadline: Sanya City must clearly rectify the responsibility to people, divide the labor in place, inverting the schedule, and establish a strict assessment method. Import 上海水磨品茶 on the implementation of 5 working days.

  "We immediately launched the ecological environment rectification of Haoxi Wetland Park, eliminating the inferior V-water before the end of this year, complete the rain and diversion project before the end of March, from the root to solve the sewage problem in the park." Sanya City Demo Municipal Mayor Bao Hongwen " Military order.

  Sanya is determined to rectify the rectification of 上海奉贤快餐服务 "two steps" in the park and the park. Inspection, truly form a long-term governance mechanism.

The rectification of the work program was retrieved to be implemented after the agreement.

  "The ecological conditions are good, not equal to the work of ecological civilization.

"At the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, the main person in charge of the Hainan Provincial Party Committee has made many clear representations." Hainan Free Trading Port Construction Overall Program "released only one month, the Hainan Provincial Committee established 10 inspector groups, and entered the province county to carry out ecological Environmental protection 100-day supervision. From the end of July to mid-August, Hainan Provincial Leaders’ "Lower City" supervision Return to the pond, tail water rectification, and accelerate the decoration of seawater breeding planning, improve the surrounding infrastructure; Lingshui County opened the new village rivers and fishing rows, 缯 网 and set a network, clean up the square of the waters … "Hainan The ecological environment can only be better, can’t be denied! "At the moment, Hainan is accelerating the" three-line one "(ecological protection red line, environmental quality bottom line, resource utilization online and environmental access list) work, and strive to achieve the completion of the completion of the results of the completion of the results. Put the masses to integrate into self The trade-Hong Kong construction is adjacent to Dongzhai Harbor Wood Wetland and Meilan Airport, and YANAN YANAN YANAN YANAN Town Mountain Town Village, Huang Yang, Huang Yang, this summer tourist is full. Since February this year, Huangyang’s B & B has been The influence of new crown pneumonia, the employees can do it.

Just as the mouth, the local government sent a "big gift package": from February, the homestay enjoys the tax reduction policy, and the employee participates in the "Wanggong Line" online training organized by the government.

  "工 学" is one of the 85 institutional innovation cases of Hainan Trade Port.

Since 2019, the "tidal" phenomenon of "tidal" in the "Sweet Season is missing, the off-season can not live", Hainan provides academic education and vocational skills training for tourist practitioners, encourages "going to work in the peak season, late season training, engineering alternating", This year’s training places have expanded from 3,000 people to 5,000 people.

  The Hainan Provincial Party Committee and the provincial government have integrated the masses to integrate into the trade-out construction. It is not only "live", but also has a new expectation: the free capital of the Island is the most popular in Meilan Airport and the village tour, and the mountain tail village is favored by the travel passengers.

  Air net island, road network Tongda, county county Tong 5G … Hainan Free Trade Hong Kong is fully consolidating the optical network, grid, road network, gas network, water network infrastructure.

On April 13 this year, Hainan’s self-trade-out key projects were concentrated on the first time, "five network" infrastructure and people’s live public service projects accounted for nearly 70%. Water conservancy construction, water network texture, so that Hainan will respond to drought in more than two months this year. Hu Zuyun, deputy director of Songtao Irrigation District Management Branch, Song Tao, Hainan, said: "Even if the drought is still in the second half, the Song Tao reservoir can still guarantee the continuous water supply.

"Take the trade-off policy Dongfeng, Hainan measures and give good education and medical" hand chess ".

To date, the province has introduced 102 schools, more than 40 hospitals, achieving school at home, high illness, "nothing".

  Hainan Trade Hong Kong is fully tuning to tune the economic structure to promote economic development to consolidate the foundation of people’s livelihood. 7 months before this year, the province’s fixed asset investment increased year-on-year, "non-real estate" investment became the main force of the growth of fixed asset investment growth, and the contribution rate of the tertiary industry to economic growth reached 75%.

(Editor: Pan Huiwen, Xi Xiuqin).