Charges to raise exports to overseas, Ningde Base this year, the production is expected to reach 2.40,000 sets

Original title: Anti-potential rising exports to overseas, NG Ningde Base this year is expected 上海郊区品茶 to reach 2.40,000 sets in the production workshop in the production workshop in the production workshop in Jiaocheng, Jiacheng District, Fujian Ningde City. Car. Shatually from the epidemic, this year, many enterprises’ capacity and orders are affected from varying degrees, but the car produced by SAIC Ningde Base is still in short supply. "We are now a caravan, such as the Klewevan electric sedan we produce, has received 10,000 orders, and now owns thousands of cars.

Gu Wei, Party Secretary, General Manager of the SAIC, General Manager, General Manager, recently said that the SAIC Group passed the Ningde Base Project 2018 Ningde City, is the current new energy passenger car production project in Fujian Province. The first phase of the project and the total investment of approximately 10 billion yuan, the production 上海干磨水磨一条街 value of approximately 50 billion yuan; after the completion of production, it contains supporting commercial projects, the annual output value can reach nearly 100 billion yuan.

  According to reports, the model produced by SAIC Ningde Base is exported to more than 60 countries in Southeast Asia, Europe, South America, and the Middle East.

From January to August this year, the SAIC Ningde Base has produced more than 130,000 sets of KD pieces; it has been exported to about 10,000 sets, an increase of 440% year-on-year; it is expected that the annual production will reach 2.40,000 sets of car and Kd.

  "Compared with more than 60,000 sets of capacity last year, at least more than 500%, this year is very confident to achieve 20 billion yuan of output.

"Gu Wei said that it will make 上海闵行水磨工作室24小时 full use of the advantages of the new energy power battery in Ningde, and the advantages of the entire new energy vehicle industry, the Ningde base is a pearl of Fujian Automobile Industry. (Lin Zejin) (Editor: Chen Lanyan , Wu Zhou) Share more people see the client download.