Building a honest self-discipline "firewall"

According to Xihui County People’s Government Network News: "Two sections are coming, we organize you to re-learn the importance of integrity and self-discipline, watch micro video cases, conduct a honest government to call", recently, Xi Hao Power Plant Fuel Business Party Branch Secretary Hu 上海闵行区419娱乐会所 Zhijun said to the departmental cadres and employees who participated in the Clean Government Reminder. In order to knock the party members and cadres, the integrity is self-disciplined as the first ethics, enhance the confrontation and defense consciousness, improve the resistance to corruption, and deeply understand the serious harm of corruption, strict discipline and rules, and do a clean episode of integrity, The fuel business party branch has carried out this reminder of this reminder before the arrival. Integrity Talk "Remind the pre-education", both the process of learning and encouragement, and the process of warning education.

Xi Hao Hydropower Fuel Party Branch has promoted the "Integrity of Ten Unregistered Regulations" and watching "Integrity Zone", which prompted party members and cadres to raise awareness, and strictly demand themselves, constrained themselves, and regulate themselves.

Draw lessons from the case, they lead to the ring, enhance honest consciousness, create a holiday atmosphere of cleaning, inexpensive, simple, and peaceful.

"What we do is engaged in high-risk careers, to take advantage of your hands, manage your mouth, manage your heart, and resolutely keep the distance from mine staff, do not accept the banquet, do not accept red envelopes, shopping cards, etc., clear and white, do Clean things, demonstrate the style of compliance with regulations.

"Director Li Deliang, director of the fuel business, solemnly reminded at the conversation.

"Any abnormality of the coal quality can’t escape the comparison 上海哪里可以约到女孩子 of supervision and data. It is illegal to finally establish disciplinary awareness and rule awareness, just self-cultivation, honesty and self-discipline, and maintain the drug for 20 years. Integrity and award.

"Xi Shuzhang Commission for Discipline Inspection, the chairman of the trade union" Sun War "is a deep-long in the conversation. (Xihui County People’s Government Network correspondent Tian Bin) (Editor: Chen Jingjing, Chen Kangqing).