College students enter farmhouse design the most beautiful courtyard to 松江大学城一次50的快餐 welcome G20

There is no need for rare flower trees, do not need high-grade stone raw materials, and even the cement bricks also have very little, only choose the wildflowers on the hillside, the pebbles on the small river, with these most ordinary materials, Zhejiang Agriculture and Forestry University The students of the landscape garden have built a special courtyard for the design and matching. Since the beginning of July, 15 "beautiful rural" design teams consisting of 15 students in Zhejiang Agriculture and Forestry University. Under the guidance of Cai Mengsha and other teachers, 10 households in Qingshan Temple, Chau Village, Tianshu Village Free completed a series of courtyard design, deeply liked by farmers. Lin’an City’s natural environment is beautiful, good ecology has driven local tourism and other related 上海品茶论坛spa industries rapidly, and the living environment of farmers is getting better and better.

In September this year, Hangzhou will convene the G20 summit, and will usher in more foreign tourists.

However, many local people’s courtyards and surrounding environmental layouts, health status is difficult to meet a large number of tourists, especially those who may come to travel during G20.

Although local farmers also want to redesign and plan their gardens, they have been suffering from lack of special guidance. Teachers and students in the landscape landscape landscape garden in Zhejiang Agriculture and Forestry are learned to take the initiative and local relevant departments before the start of the summer vacation. The professional foundation is good, the design capacity is a graduate design, and the undergraduate is "beautiful rural" design team. During the summer vacation, I took the initiative to the Qingshan Temple Village in Diachuan Town, and some farmers in the village of Chau Village. The courtyards were freely design the courtyard, helping the G20 Hangzhou Summit. After the local farmers know, they will contact the teacher "to book" college students before the summer vacation. After the summer vacation, more than 10 students such as Duan Yuxia, 1501 landscape landscape landscape landscape landscapes, divided into multiple groups in the village, to measure the courtyard, design the courtyard, and draw the construction drawing. These two days, Many "farmhouse" business households in Qingshan Village and Chau Village have successively received the student-designed courtyard planning design, and the self-hospitalization is carried out according to the drawings. These planning and design, although the formal style is diverse, but fully considering the actual rural areas, all design plans are available in place, beautiful practical, simple construction, and are deeply like farmers like. Yang Lei, head of "Beautiful Country" design team, is one of the students who design the courtyard of the farmers.

He said: "As a professional student in the scenic garden, design the farmhouse court, we are mostly the first time, so it is much more serious than usual.

In order to make the design work more practical, we specialize in the investigation needs of the farmers. Which plants around the village are common, hoping to reduce the investment of farmers in garden construction. "The cobblestone and fine yarn of this small road in your doorste, you can find it in the stream of the village; your home has the original month, pomegranate, if you move, the effect will be better …" in Qingshan Zhang Auntie in the Temple Village, the students will fully communicate with her when investigating, and their design ideas have been recognized by Zhang Ayi.

"According to the design of college students, the vegetable field in my doorstead, the fruit trees become a landscape, and many materials can be taken in place, how much is it.

"Many farmers are very happy with the improvement of students. Especially the improvement of economic conditions, especially the G20 summit is held in Hangzhou this year, many farmers want to rectify their own yards, but worrying about construction. Money, so I just took a try to look at the mentality. "I didn’t expect the students to design the courtyard renovation plan. We almost not spend money, designing, not only the beautiful view, but also combined with our countryside, Quite practical. "Zhejiang Agriculture and Forestry University" Beautiful Country "design team instructs Cai Mengsha introduced that students have completed the courtyard design 嘉定品茶微信 of more than 10 farmers.

Since the students designed the courtyard beauty view, and after the material is simple, after completing the design tasks, there are some farmers who have also taken the initiative to find students, hoping to continue to design the courtyard for them, and the school will also carry out this event. "Using summer vacation time for farmers design garden, for us, it is a unforgettable learning experience, and it is also a rare opportunity to help the G20 Summit. We also hope that the school will continue to carry out such a job, let our students are serving new Exercise yourself in rural construction, enhance your handshake, become more and more beautiful for farmhouse gardens.

Yang Lei said with emotion.