33 live tape samples suspected of illegal violations

  Yesterday, the Beijing Consumer Association and the Hebei Consumer Rights Protection Committee jointly issued a live broadcast consumption experience investigation report.

In 100 live goods experience samples, 33 suspected of illegal violations. The results of the survey showed that the current live betting consumption experience 上海水磨论坛24小时 is generally better, but there are also some suspected false propaganda, do not follow the regulations of the public dosage information, the words and deeds, the price misleading, and there are no significant probabilities of private trading risks. 17 samples suspected of false propaganda Beijing Youth Daily reporters learned that this live broadcast consumption experience survey, selected Taobao, Tmall, Jingdong, spell, Suning, Vipshop, shake, fast hand, small red book and 10 e-commerce platforms such as Weibo and Weiaya, Li Jiaqi, Singba, Egg, Singer Baby, Chen Jie Kiki, Sydney and other 10-bit net red star as a survey. Experience the survey report showed that 33 liveband experience samples suspected of illegal violations, Taobao "slimming Queen Zheng Duoyan" live broadcast room and other 17 samples suspected of false exaggeration publicity; fast hand "Egg 22 Summer explosion" 5 samples such as live broadcasts are suspected of words and deeds; shake "Han Zhaide" "Han Zhaide director (Tarios)" 2 samples such as live broadcasts, allegedly misleading; spelling a lot of "Thousand Dustang Hall help high-store" live store corresponding to physical stores, etc. 13 Samples are suspected of non-publicize information; Suining Tesco "Direct Small Masters" live broadcast rooms, etc., etc. is suspected of implementing "7 days no reason to return" provisions; three platforms such as Vipcom will be suspected Private trading risks in a significant manner.

  In 17 samples suspected of false propaganda issues, other staff members of the anchor or live broadcast are induced by the publicity of promotional products, and the use of extreme use words, etc., suspected of violating consumers’ rights and Select the right. For example, the experience person saw in Taobao "slimming Queen Zheng Duoyan" live broadcast, the anchor announced that "Eating a day" when introducing a white jade lychee, "can help you to drain the oil, manage the big belly Roop, but also remove moisture. "

  5 samples suspected of existence of words and deeds, and a total of 5 live tape samples were suspected of speech and vulgar issues. Taobao "Star Makeup Artist DD", Taobao "Mei Niang – Chamei", Quick "Egg No. 22 Summer Explosive Product", shake "people silly temper window" and other live broadcasts suspected of speech and vulgar problems Name. For example, experience people experience shopping during the fast-moving "Egg 22 Summer Explosive" live broadcast, in order to show the elasticity of the trousers, the staff pulls the pants tried to tries to the people, causing live broadcasts. Subsequently, the live broadcast was stopped by the quick-end platform, and the screen prompt "The vulgar words and deeds, performances, punishments or stickers.

The anchor is being rectified, please wait patiently. Some anchor suspected of misleading the consumer This experience survey found that some anchors use the high-priced price in the live broadcast to induce consumers to buy their live broadcasts, suspected of use The price means of misunderstanding mislead consumers.

For example, the experience is in the shake "Han Zhaide" live room to purchase a box of golden six Fuya 8 strong fragrant 42 degree white wine (500 ml × 6 bottles). When this wine is recommended, the next staff is deliberate to the lens to show the price of the wine in the Jingdong platform, and the anchor is called 1429 yuan in an east, only 298 yuan in his 松江大学城学生微信群 live broadcast.

The experience personnel contact the Jinxiao manufacturer, responsible for the manager of this wine sales, said that this wine in Jingdong and shakes is their goods, the cost price is about 40 yuan, the market promotion is generally 70-80 yuan a bottle , That is, 420-480 yuan per box, 1.429 yuan per box in Jingdong, is not normal market price. The manager also said that some dealers have a store in Jingdong, but it is deliberately hanging a high price, promoting how good this wine is, through this marketing means to promote. In response to the problem of live broadcast, the Beijing-Biographic Consumers Association recommends that the live band operators should be integrified to follow the law; the relevant departments should further strengthen the supervision of the live broadcast of the goods, to grasp 爱上海同城论坛官网 the focus of the star, Nethong and other key supervision, let It assumes responsibility to compatibility with traffic; to increase exposure of the illegal lives, and listed in the credit blacklist according to the severity of infringement; remind consumers to improve their self-protection awareness.

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